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Here at Cargo Consolidation Services, we understand the retailer's biggest challenge is selling furniture...let us take care of getting the furniture from the manufacturers to you, in a timely manner, safely, and error-free.
Cargo Consolidation Services understands Furniture Manufacturers. Let Cargo Consolidation Services be your plant support logistics service provider.
Importers are constantly facing changing challenges in their business model. We handle challenges for you so you can get back to what you want to do most...SELL!
Cargo Consolidation Services understands the needs of clients who are looking for a way to flow their products smoothly through the supply chain...
Delivering Innovative Logistics Solutions to
Furniture Retailers, Manufacturers, and Importers
Cargo Consolidation Services started prior to 1991 when a local furniture manufacturer was feeling market pressure to reduce costs and get their furniture to their retailers in a more cost effective and efficient manner...read more


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